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We care about animals.

Humane Domain provides animal behavior consultation and training services for dogs, horses, other pets, aquatic life, as well as animal sanctuaries and zoos. All training is natural, holistic and humane, using operant conditioning with an emphasis on positive reinforcement. We also provide education and training for individuals and groups dedicated to working in harmony with nature while pursuing interests and careers concerning the earth and all its' inhabitants.

Animal Behavior Counseling

We provide counseling services for dogs, cats, birds, horses, small mammals & exotics. Learn more...

Animal Trainer Careers

Humane Domain offers programs for individuals interested in becoming animal trainers & behavior counselors. Learn more...

Continuing Education

We routinely offer seminars for animal trainers & behavior counselors with pre-approved CEUs for CPDTs, CABCs, CDBCs, CCBCs, CPBCs, CHBCs, veterinarians, veterinary technicians, LCSWs, MSWs, psychologists & Humane Educators. Learn more...

Dog Training

We provide group classes, limited to 7 dogs to provide optimal individual attention with controlled distractions using non-aversive, motivational methods known as operant conditioning with emphasis on positive reinforcement. Learn more...


We are also available for environmental or animal themed birthday parties. Learn more...

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