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We also provide behavior & enrichment counseling for wildlife sanctuaries, nature centers, zoos etc. Behavior counselors are certified by the International Association of Animal behavior Counselors or are Registered Veterinary Behavior...

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We routinely offer seminars for animal trainers & behavior counselors with pre-approved CEUs for CPDTs, CABCs, CDBCs, CCBCs, CPBCs, CHBCs, veterinarians, veterinary technicians, LCSWs, MSWs, psychologists & Humane Educators...

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We provide group classes, limited to 7 dogs to provide optimal individual attention with controlled distractions using non-aversive, motivational methods known as operant conditioning with emphasis on positive reinforcement...

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We are also available for environmental or animal themed birthday parties.

Specialized enrichment activities for assisted living centers, nursing homes, hospices & other facilities...



Animal Trainer Careers

These programs are for individuals interested in becoming animal trainers & behavior counselors. Students must be over 18 years of age & have a high school diploma or equivalency.

Courses include academic & practical hours handling 4 species & are ideal for college students studying experimental or comparative psychology & animal behavior.

Husbandry procedures are included, & ethology is also taught. Perspective animal trainers will learn operant conditioning methods with a strong emphasis on positive reinforcement. Monthly, weekly, & weekend courses that are semi-private & private one on one tutoring are available.



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