About Us

Humane Domain, located in Owings Mills/Marriottsville Maryland, was founded and created for the purposes of education and training for individuals and groups dedicated to working in harmony with nature while pursuing interests and careers concerning the earth and all its' inhabitants.

If you are pursuing a career or hobby as an animal trainer and behaviorist or humane educator you can be assured that you will receive a scientifically researched and evidenced based academic education and the opportunity to obtain practical hours.

We provide dog training and animal behavior services for dogs, cats, birds, horses and other domestic and exotic species in Baltimore, Carroll and Howard Counties and part of Baltimore City. Our facility is convenient to areas including: Owings Mills, Reisterstown, Finksburg, Randallstown, Pikesville, central & western Baltimore County & Baltimore City, Eldersburg, Winfield, Taylorsville and Marriottsville.

All methods used are science based and known as operant conditioning with the strongest possible emphasis on positive reinforcement.


Debbie Winkler CABC, CPDT-KA has been providing behavior consultations & training for many domestic & exotic species, from dogs to dolphins for more than 25 years. She was on the education committee of the APDT helping to create the first national certification for professional dog  trainers known as the CPDT & is both past vice president and president of the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants. Since Debbie is an IAABC certified behavior consultant and also a CPDT-KA, she regularly attends seminars and conferences that feature well known experts in the field such as Ian Dunbar, Ken McCort and Karen Overall to meet continuing education requirements.  Debbie has served on many rescue and shelter boards including the Baltimore Humane Society, as well as the Baltimore Vicious Dog Hearing Board and has volunteered to train assistance dogs and animal assisted therapy animals for more than 2 decades. She  learned American Sign Language and lobbied for assistance dogs to have the same public access rights as guide dogs. Debbie is also working to prevent dog bites to children and is a Dogs & Storks presenter. Being passionate about humane education Debbie and colleagues have successfully created a new nonprofit dedicated to animal assisted therapy, assistance dogs and humane education known as Our Future Hope: www.ourfuturehope.org.  She is also SATS certified, teaches and provides practical hours for animal training and behavior students in  the Humane Domain facility in Owings Mills Maryland, and has also taught animal behavior and training at Kutztown University in PA and Carroll Community College in Carroll County Maryland. 

Paulette Ringley is certified in aquatic health and closed ecosystems, and also specialized in breeding, raising & training exotic birds and Koi for nearly  30 years in Sykesville Maryland. She has installed and maintained over 2000 ponds & also specializes in equine management as well as sheep, alpaca and goats. Additionally she was the owner of Your Companions Country Store offering  holistic animal products. If you live within an hour of Owings Mills Maryland and you have an aquarium or pond issue or difficulty with maintaining fish, frogs or other aquatic life, Paulette holds the key to your solutions. Paulette attends continuing education seminars with Koi experts like Dr. Sandra Yosha.  Paulette  is available to diagnose and treat aquarium, pond and fish problems and can also often provide successful solutions via paid phone or virtual consultations. Paulette is also committed to humane education believing that this will help create a more compassionate society.

Additional instructors:

Lindsay Hebert, CPDT-KA, has been instructing/teaching the Refine Your Relationship Basic Manners and the advanced Enrich Your Relationship classes for 16 years. We have only heard wonderful things about her classes from our clients. Lindsay is also available for in-home instruction and behavior counseling. Lindsay receives a lot of compliments about her classes and works hard for her clients. She is also excellent as a private family instructor for the companion family dog.

Gene Brownson,  whose business is known as The Train More Humane Guy, is working towards his CPDT and dedicated to teaching people that humane training  methods are more effective than harsh techniques. Gene has a class especially created for teaching busy men and women the most advanced training skills and methods.

Jody Broughton, CPDT-KA, instructs any class. She has a special interest in puppy socialization to help prevent future problems in adult dogs. She is the owner of Social TailWaggers, LLC., specializing in puppy socialization, confidence building, and behavior management. She teaches our Healing Paws Therapy Dog classes in Laurel.

Julie Fitchett, CPDT-KA, trainer/instructor and animal behavior consultant working towards her certification. Julie has a special interest in agility and teaches  fabulous agility  classes in the Humane Domain facility.

Margaret Lukomska CPDT-KA instructs our Refine Your Relationship and Pupriety classes and specializes in rescued and adopted dogs. She fosters puppies and works with them to provide the most age appropriate socialization to help ensure that they become good community canine citizens. Margaret also provides private lessons.

Sherry B. True is a  small animal nutritional counselor with many years experience in helping owners choose the best diets for their pets to help them thrive. She is also available for nutritional counseling for weight loss and other physical problems by appointment.