Humane Domain - Education and Training

Students are taught by professionals who teach operant conditioning techniques with a strong emphasis on positive reinforcement. We utilize only motivational and non-aversive techniques and methods.

Also, we teach people how to become animal trainers and counselors by providing hands on experience in our educational facility with dogs, cats, birds, chickens, rabbits, horses, donkeys, alpaca and more.

All interested students should be seeking certification through www.iaabc.org andwww.ccpdt.org

Training includes:
- Beginning Careers
- Continuing Education for professional trainers
- Workshops and seminars for trainers/instructors, animal shelter, breed rescue groups, and other animal welfare organizations
- Life enrichment coaching for all species

Internships Available:
- Full time internships for people residing in or temporarily relocating to Maryland
- Weekly and Weekend internships available
- Hotel/motel accomodations very nearby
- All internships private or semiprivate to ensure personal tutoring and coaching. For more information on our   training curriculum, contact us.