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Summer Pet Projects

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Every year, especially in the spring, we receive calls and emails from people who want to provide their pet with more enriching experiences. This is a great thing from a behaviorist’s perspective.

We talk to people, who want better fencing, catios, dog and cat doors, outdoor aviaries, natural horse pastures and much more.


This catio is not too big yet full of enrichment. What a great outdoor space that is also keeping kitty safe!
Dog and cat doors are very popular but just installing them does not ensure that your pet will use them.

This is such a terrific idea! A dog door leading to a dog house attached to the home. The dog can be inside or go outside or choose to be in a combination of indoors and outdoors. Wonderful in bad weather!

When choosing doors for dogs and cats to go through it is always helpful for them to be able to see the outside from the inside and vice versa so choosing the clear plastic panels is preferable. Putting your hand holding treats through the opening will help encourage your pet to go through the door.
 Check the doors to be sure they are working properly every day.


Learn to lock these doors when you are not home and especially at night when you are sleeping to prevent intruders!

Temperature, drafts, being able to escape from direct sunlight and being safe from predators are huge considerations when using an outdoor aviary.


Outdoor aviaries can be fantastic enrichment for pet parrots providing the climate and location are conducive to maintaining the safety of the birds. Like catios, they can offer enjoyment, mental stimulation and alleviate boredom.



 Creating a variety of substrates/terrains for your horses will simulate more natural areas and provide better stimulation for your horses.



Outdoor areas for rabbits are very enriching for them.

Supervise rabbits closely when they are outside. They are especially vulnerable to predators and parasites.


Have fun this year experimenting with all of the different forms of environmental enrichment that you can provide your pet!

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