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Why Choose Positive Reinforcement Training Methods?

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As most people familiar with Humane Domain already know, we use operant conditioning with the strongest possible emphasis on positive reinforcement for teaching animals what we want and for changing unwanted behavior.

For those not familiar with this method, it is important to learn that motivational training was incredibly well researched and available before the forced methods were used.

Starting with Pavlov to Skinner, learning theory was proved. Searching online, Marian and Bob Breland and also Marian Breland Bailey and Bob Bailey will provide you with a plethora of scientific behavioral research as well as evidenced-based information about the benefits of using positive reinforcement. You will also see the incredible photos and videos of truly amazing behavioral repertoires of the incredible variety of animals that were taught using positive reinforcement only.

Many people contact us after encountering one of the assistance dogs we trained in a public access venue, often a restaurant. We receive multiple calls and emails each week, as a result of these chance meetings, from people who want to teach their dogs to conduct themselves this well.

We only use operant conditioning with emphasis on positive reinforcement. Corrections and aversive equipment are never used. Our instructors teach what we want and reinforce well.

Would you prefer to be corrected or taught what was wanted and be reinforced for doing that?

If you want to have a strong bond with your pet and enhance the relationship, then you want to prevent fear and psychological turmoil, especially in relation to you and the pet’s immediate environment.

Consider spending your valuable time teaching the behaviors you want and reinforcing them well and ignoring the behaviors you do not want. Properly taught and rewarded, all animals and people will consistently choose to exhibit the desired behaviors. Yes… really is that simple!


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