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Call us at 410-549-1135 or email info@humanedomain.net
We will enroll you in a class at your most convenient  time. calming exercise classes are individual.

If you are uncertain about which classes or individual sessions are appropriate for your dog, please contact our certified behavior counselor, Debbie Winkler, by e mailing deb@humanedomain.net

Class Location:
Humane Domain at Meadowlands Farm on Wards Chapel Rd convenient to Owings Mills, Reisterstown, Finksburg, Randallstown, Pikesville, central & western Baltimore County & Baltimore City, Eldersburg, Winfield, Taylorsville, Marriottsville

Inclement Weather Policy:
Please note that Humane Domain training will be canceled if Baltimore County, Baltimore City, Howard and Carroll County schools are closed due to weather conditions. In cases of classes falling on a weekend you will be contacted by your instructor.


Group classes are limited to 7 dogs & often have 2 instructors to provide optimal individual attention with controlled distractions using non-aversive, motivational methods known as operant conditioning with emphasis on positive reinforcement. Individual sessions available in one of our facilities or in home (in home not available in all areas, but we may be able to make a referral).

Our instructors are nationally certified or in the process of becoming nationally certified. Please visit www.ccpdt.org for more information. In addition, our instructors/trainers also train assistance & therapy dogs for special needs adults & children,  as well as search & rescue dogs, so our clients receive very similar instruction from exceptionally well qualified trainers. The same methods used to train these dogs are taught in class or private instruction & are strictly motivational. Known as operant conditioning with emphasis on positive reinforcement, forced methods are not necessary or used. Some instructors are also IAABC certified behaviorists or in the certification process.

Classes are held in a quiet spacious facility on 20 acres very close to Owings Mills. Our training room is 60x60 with fully rubber matted flooring, similar to the matting gymnasts use, to provide exceptional cushioning, comfort & traction. Our facility is heated & air conditioned.  Class size is limited to ensure individual attention. A training manual & some equipment is always provided with each class.

Calming classes are individual.

Classes Available:

We create special socialization exercises and opportunities in this class to ensure that puppies have the proper and necessary exposure to adults, children and other dogs during this critical developmental period. In addition you will learn the best house training techniques as well as be able to manage playbiting, chewing, and jumping. Puppies will also learn sit, down stay, come and begin loose leash walking. All methods are non-aversive.

Qualifications: Puppies must be between 8-18 weeks of age, have had their first vaccinatinos and examination by a veterinarian. please do not bring your dog if your puppy is coughing, sneezing, wheezing, has eye or nasal discharge, vomiting, loose stool, or fleas, ticks or other skin problems.

All puppies must be wearing a harness to attend class.

Puppy Kindergarten (puppies 8-16 weeks) 5 weeks long

We create special socialization exercises & opportunities in this class to ensure that puppies have the proper & necessary exposure to adults, children & other dogs during this critical developmental period. In addition you will learn the best housetraining techniques, as well as be able to manage playbiting, chewing & jumping. Puppies will also learn to sit, down,stay, come & begin loose leash walking. all methods are non-aversive.
A handbook and some equipment are included.

Requirements:  This class is for puppies between 8-22 weeks of age. All puppies must wear a harness & 6 foot leash to class. Puppies must have had their first veterinary exam and vaccinations and continue with the recommended schedule for exam and vaccinations until completed. Bring your own treats .

If your puppy has eye or nasal discharge, coughing, sneezing, vomiting, loose stool, fleas, ticks or skin irritation please do not attend class & see your veterinarian promptly.

Refine Your Relationship; Basic Manners  8 weeks long (4 months & older)

This class is organized to teach you and your dog loose leash walking skills with right, left, about, figure 8 and right and left cross behind turns. People who enjoy taking their dogs everywhere are especially appreciative of learning these maneuvers! Sit stay & down stay are taught with duration & distractions increasing with each lesson. Come is taught 3 different ways to help you learn to compete with the environment for your dogs'attention. Dogs are introduced  to 4 agility obstacles to build confidence and for fun. Tricks are taught just for fun. Also taught is "leave it", back up, some bridge & target skills as well as a little Therapy Dog training. This  class is designed to enhance communication & honor your relationship.

Requirements: Dogs must be up to date on rabies vaccinations and other vaccinations or titered. Choke, prong or electronic collars & retractable leashes are not permitted in class. We will help you determine the best equipment for your dog. Dogs must be people and dog friendly to attend class.

Any dog with eye or nasal discharge, coughing, sneezing, wheezing, vomiting, loose stool, fleas, ticks, or skin irritations should not attend class but should see their veterinarian promptly

Private and Semi-Private Training

We also provide individual lessons in our facility, & in home training in certain areas. Many people have a friend, relative or neighbor with a dog needing training & semi-private sessions may be scheduled.

Day classes

We do not receive many requests for a daytime class, but will be happy to schedule one for groups of 3 or more people 

Therapy Dog Class  with Move to the Music 6 weeks (dogs over 6 months)

Teach your dog many of the same skills we teach assistance dogs & prepare your dog for visiting hospitals, nursing homes & other facilities. Your dog will learn how to greet people who are standing, sitting or lying down & become familiar & comfortable with wheelchairs, walkers & crutches. Retrieving skills, automatically sitting next to your chair & lying under a table are skills that you will appreciate & can use anywhere. A field trip is the final class. Learn to move gracefully with your dog in a synchornized manner as if dancing!

Requirements: Dogs must be up to date with rabies vaccination & other vaccinations or titered. All dogs must have successfully completed a basic manners class using motivational methods & must be people & dog friendly. This class teaches therapy dog skills only & does not address pulling, jumping, or other behavior problems.

Sniffer Dog -a natural game for you & your dog
Teach your dog to find anything using his/her nose! A natural way to communicate & bond with your dog. Any dog and any person can easily learn. Ideal for people who enjoy a holistic approach. This is what dogs are meant to be doing! Dogs should be relatively well mannered and people/dog friendly!

Level I Agility (over 6 months)
All obstacles are introduced in a safe, motivational manner. All basic handling is introduced with extra attention on the dog-handler relationship. Classes are 5 weeks long, held inside, all equipment available please call for rates and dates. Warning: agility can be addictive!

Level II Agility (over 10 months)
For those who just can't get enough agility! A continuing class that emphasizes handling and increasing the dogs' confidence in working with the handler. This is the next step for those who want more fun, or those thinking about competition. Classes are 5 weeks long, ongoing, held inside, all equipment available, please call for rates and dates. Agility level I is a prerequisite for this class.

Level III Agility (over 12 months)
This class is designed to prepare you and your dog for agility competition. Classes are ongoing. Run thrus available. Please call for details.

Keep your relationship with your dog responsive with this amazing & fun sport. Each week, you & your dog will utilize the skills you have learned to negotiate a fun, no pressure, game-like course. Some take this course for fun. Some take this course and ultimately decide to enter competition. Either  way, you are guaranteed smiles & laughs!

Behavior Modification Programs
Specializing in behavior modification for dogs suffering from anxiety disorders, we offer personalized programs for dogs with a variety of behavioral problems. Counselors are IAABC certified, RVBT and/or degreed.

Periodically throughout the year, we hold agility run-thrus in conjunction with Canine Good Citizen testing and Therapy Dog International testing as well as educational classes. All of our counselors are certified animal behavior counselors and trainers or in the process of obtaining certification. All instructors teaching dog training classes are also assistance dog trainers.

Individual calming exercise class for excitable and nervous dogs will help you teach your dog to relax.

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