Rally, Advanced Dog Training/Fun & Games

For owners and dogs who have already completed our Refine Your Relationship: Basic Manners class or who have already mastered their basic skills, we offer a variety of classes to continue building your bond and your training skills while having fun! Choose from:

  • Enrich Your Relationship: Advanced Manners Take everything you learned in Refine Your Relationship to the next level with this new advanced class! Improve your skills and enhance your bond with new techniques to help your dog be more receptive to your cues!

  • Healing Paw Therapy Dog with CGC - Teach your dog many of the same skills we teach assistance dogs and prepare your dog for visiting hospitals, nursing homes and other facilities. Your dog will learn how to greet people who are standing, sitting or lying down as well as become familiar and comfortable with wheelchairs, walkers and crutches. Retrieving skills, automatically sitting next to your chair and lying under a table are skills that you will appreciate and can use anywhere. A field trip is the final class. Learn to move gracefully with your dog in a synchronized manner as if dancing! This class teaches you and your dog to be the most effective therapy team as well as an entertaining duo. You and your dog will be prepared to take the Canine Good Citizen (CGC) test and one of our instructors will set a date after class for everyone to take the test.

  • Rally: the fun interactive sport for you and your dog! - Rehearse your skills playing this fun and enjoyable game. Entertaining and rewarding for both dog and pet parent, our Rally class makes practicing training effortless and stress-free! Enhance you and your dog's bond and perfect your training skills with this interactive and fun sport. 

  • Tricks 101 - Teaching your dog a trick is a wonderful way to engage your dog in training, provides mental enrichment and it is a fun way to show off how smart your dog is at a family barbecue.  Our beginners tricks class includes, wave hello and goodbye, take a bow, box hop, walk circles around you, walk through your legs, back away from you.

  • Agility Ability - Whether you and your dog just want to have fun or you are thinking about competition, we offer agility for all levels! All agility obstacles are introduced in a safe, motivational manner. 

    • Intro to Equipment - If you and your dog are new to agility, this indoor class is the perfect place to start to introduce your dog to several simple obstacles. 

    • Agility (Levels 1-3) - taught in our agility ring.

  • Sniffer Dog Scent Detection - A natural game for you and your dog! Teach your dog to find anything using his/her nose; a natural way to communicate and bond with your dog. Any dog and any person can easily learn. Ideal for people who enjoy a holistic approach.


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Begins Tuesday, January 3 at 8pm
195.00 USD
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Begins Wednesday, May 3 at 6:30pm
195.00 USD
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