What You Need To Know


Our facility: Classes are held at Humane Domain at Meadowlands Farm. Our address is 4231 Wards Chapel Rd. Our training room is 60ft x 60ft with fully rubber matted flooring, similar to the matting gymnasts use, to provide exceptional cushioning, comfort & traction. Our facility is heated and air conditioned. We are convenient to areas including: Owings Mills, Reisterstown, Finksburg, Randallstown, Pikesville, central & western Baltimore County & Baltimore City, Eldersburg, Winfield, Taylorsville, Marriottsville.

Our instructors and methods: Our instructors are nationally certified or in the process of becoming nationally certified. Please visit www.ccpdt.org for more information. In addition, our instructors/trainers also train assistance and therapy dogs for special needs adults and children, as well as search and rescue dogs, so our clients receive very similar instruction from exceptionally well qualified trainers. The same methods used to train these dogs are taught in class or private instruction and are strictly motivational. We employ operant conditioning with emphasis on positive reinforcement; forced methods are not necessary or used. Some instructors are also IAABC certified behaviorists or in the certification process.

Health policy: All dogs must be up to date on rabies vaccinations and other vaccinations or titered. After registering for any of our training sessions, please email a copy of your dog’s vaccination records to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Any dog with eye or nasal discharge, coughing, sneezing, wheezing, vomiting, loose stool, fleas, ticks, or skin irritations including missing hair or excessive scratching, should NOT attend class, and should see their veterinarian promptly.

We care about your dog’s health and your health, too! Since we train assistance dogs we often have people with special needs in our facility and we also provide animal-assisted therapy in nursing homes and hospices. If you become sick while taking one of our classes, to prevent the spread of illness, please stay home until you are well and we promise to catch you up!

Required Equipment: All dogs are required to come to class wearing a harness and a 6-ft. leash. Choke, prong or electronic collars and retractable leashes are NOT permitted in class. We also ask that you please bring your own small, moist food treats.

Specializing in behavior modification for dogs suffering from anxiety disorders, we offer personalized programs for dogs with a variety of behavioral problems. Counselors are IAABC certified, RVBT and/or degreed. Please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for appointment availability and pricing.

Questions? Please call us at 410-984-9047 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We look forward to working with you and your dogs!