Refine Your Relationship Basic Manners; Wednesdays 7:30pm; March 25 (Code: )

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Refine Your Relationship Basic Manners; Wednesdays 7:30pm; March 25
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This class is organized to teach you and your dog loose-leash walking skills with right, left, about, figure 8 turns. People who enjoy taking their dogs everywhere are especially appreciative of learning these maneuvers! “Sit stay” and “down stay” are taught with duration and distractions increasing with each lesson. “Come” is taught three different ways to help you learn to compete with the environment for your dog’s attention. Dogs are introduced to simple, easily-negotiated agility obstacles to build confidence. Tricks are taught just for fun! Also taught are "leave it", “back up”, some bridge and target skills as well as a little therapy dog training. This class is designed to enhance communication and honor you and your dog’s relationship.

Prerequisite: Dogs must be people- and dog-friendly to attend class.

Health policy: All dogs must be up to date on rabies vaccinations and other vaccinations or titered. After registering for this class, please email a copy of your dog’s vaccination records to us at info@humanedomain.net.

We offer discounts to Puppy Kindergarten graduates, assistance dogs in training and established clients – please email info@humanedomain.net for discount codes.

Price: 225.00 USD
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